CLEAR 4G WiMax Cell Phones?

We’ve all been hearing rumors of CLEAR offering 4G WiMAx Cell Phones, similar to those offered by Sprint.  I’ve got one of the newer Sprint HTC EVO 4G phones and just love it!    Rumors first stated the phones would be available in November 2010, with two phones being offered.   One would be from HTC similar to the EVO, and the second phone from Samsung.

Well, November arrived, without any CLEAR Cell Phones being available for dealers to sell. 

But… reliable sources have told me that CLEAR simply delayed rolling out their phones until first quarter of 2011, for some unspecified reason.  So in February 2011, we are supposed to first be seeing a new cell phone called the  Samsung Notion, which will be running on Android with 4G / 3G / Wifi capabilities, and later that month or next, we’ve been told that CLEAR is rolling out the HTC EVO phone as well.

The Samsung Notion   is said to be “very similar” to the Galaxy S device that Samsung has just dumped onto the world. The  Samsung Notion is said to be running Android version 2.2 and rocks a front facing camera that implements ooVoo software for face to face video calling.  Form factor is said to include a full keyboard for all those QWERTY lovers out there.  The source also indicated that free wi-fi hotspot ability would be enabled for this phone, unlike the same function on the Sprint EVO that requires an extra $30/month fee for that function to be enabled.

No definite word 0n pricing yet, but rumor stated the Samsung would start at $349 retail.  Our sources didn’t know if that was a contract or non-contract price.  As we all know, most cell phone carriers will discount the retail price of the phone in exchange for a 2 year contract with early termination fees (ETF).  

We’ll let you know as soon as these phones are really available for pre-order or purchasing, cause we’ll try to have them in stock at our store (8034 Culebra Road #506) for your buying pleasure.

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